Our Special Service

Run Feng Yuan company have this strong power to supply the normal type of machine for the customer as well as the special design machine for the customer too. Supply what types of machines customers need as well as the knitting technology for customers too.

Textile Machine Research and Development

Research and Development

Run Feng Yuan company has its product research and development department, The main task is to study the new trend of the market, research and develop new products, lead the development direction of the warp knitting industry ahead of customers, and create new and suitable products in a faster and more accurate manner to submit to customers.

Please keep in contact with us if you have any knitting ideas, Don't doubt that any idea you have could become a reality and be embraced by the market.

Textile Machine Technical Service

Technical Service

Run Feng Yuan has strong technology power to share with customers. If customers have any questions about knitting and related issues. We will be always glad to share with customers what we know and what we have: customer can send their technicians to our side for training; we will arrange our engineers to customer side to provide technical guidance; we will help customers with new production development until the product hit into the market. Choose Run Feng Yuan without any scruples.